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ComputerImages offers Microsoft Excel services for novices and experts alike, including:

  • Public classes at our Boston office,
  • Private classes at your office or ours,
  • One-on-one training, and
  • Project consulting.

We Have Decades of Excel Experience

We’ve been using Excel since the program debuted as Macintosh-only software in 1985, so chances are we’ve seen your situation before. And we’ve worked with Excel users from virtually every type of institution, from medical research labs to international financial institutions and government agencies.

Public Classes

We give seven different Excel classes at our Boston office. Click any class name for a detailed description.

Excel. Introductory class, no prior Excel knowledge required. Covers the Excel interface and shows you how to write and edit formulas, format cells and their contents, format printed reports, sort and filter data, use the SUM and IF functions and create charts.

Advanced Excel. Designed for Excel users who want to work faster and explore new tools. Covers formulas based on named ranges, cell styles, linking workbooks, date calculations, various functions, recording and editing macros and an overview of Pivot Tables.

Excel Charts. Learn the easy way to make Excel charts, then go on to an in-depth treatment of formatting, customizing axes, linking labels to worksheet data, creating chart templates, building overlay charts and using images as chart symbols.

Pivot Tables. In-depth Pivot Tables class covers organizing data for analysis, using Tables and advanced filtering with Pivot Table data, creating and updating Pivot Tables, Pivot Table options, Pivot Table calculations, Pivot Charts and working with Slicers.

Excel Power Pivot. Excel’s Power Pivot features add the power of a relational database to Excel. Class covers using Power Query to acquire data and prepare it for analysis, define a Data Model with relationships, use the Data Model to build Pivot Tables and work with Power Pivot’s DAX functions.

Excel Macros. Reading and writing VBA, language structure, writing macros, creating message and input boxes, using loops and IF to control program flow, working with variables and constants, using VBA to write to cells and writing custom functions.

Excel Dashboards. Designing a dashboard, deciding what it should do, incorporating conditional formatting and drop downs, using calculations to determine which charts to display, adding slicers, creating a user interface and using worksheet protection to lock portions of the sheet.

Class Schedule

Private Classes

Any of our classes can be given for a private group with a curriculum tailored to the participants’ specific interests. Our List of Excel Topics can help you decide what you’d like to cover, but let us know if something that interests you isn’t there — chances are good we can help you with it. More information about private classes.

One-on-One Training

For those who want special help with a particular Excel issue, or prefer to work privately at their own pace. More information about one-on-one training.

Project Consulting

When you are looking for specific guidance on a particular project or workbook, we can help you help you plan the project and provide advice on the most effective way to implement it. We can also help you with complex calculations and macros. If you would like hands-on assistance, we can implement part or all of a project for you. Details about our consulting services.

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