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Class Schedule Updated.
Added classes to Class Schedule. June 30, 2017.
Why We Celebrate the Declaration of Independence.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident … .” Penned over 240 years ago these words sound a clarion call for freedom that transcends time and place. The document signed in Philadelphia is held so sacred that it was one of three national treasures sent to Fort Knox for safe-keeping during World War II. Every Fourth of July it is recited in town assemblies across America. But why do we care so much about a faded piece of parchment?. Added to Musings. June 23, 2017.
March Class Schedule Posted.
Added March 2017 Class Schedule. February 9, 2017.
How the U.S. Military Threatened Civilian Authority.
The nomination of General James Mattis to be Secretary of Defense brought to light a law barring retired officers from holding that office for seven years following active duty. The rule seems silly at first; don’t we want the person at the top to be familiar with the organization? But a larger principle is at issue, namely civilian control of the military — one that was established by George Washington himself when it was threatened in the earliest days of the republic. Added to Musings. January 24, 2017.
February Class Schedule Posted.
Added February 2017 Class Schedule. January 9, 2017.
Make Way for Ducklings.
Most of Boston’s literary landmarks are only of interest to adults. But one beloved by young and old alike is Make Way for Ducklings, the charming story of a duck family living in Boston. During the 75 years since its publication, the story has become an integral part of the Boston Public Garden’s identity and has even played a role in international diplomacy. Added to Musings. January 4, 2017.
January Class Schedule Posted.
Added January 2017 Class Schedule. December 14, 2016.
Punched in the Gut: December 7, 1941.
What was it like to live through the day when Pearl Harbor was attacked? We can never fully recapture the experience since the people living it had no idea what was going to happen next while we can never forget. Tom Brokaw calls Pearl Harbor the birthplace of the Greatest Generation, the men and women who saved the world from a second Dark Age. But on that chilly December day seventy-five years ago they were still kids who had just beeen punched in the gut. Added to Musings. December 9, 2016
Using Excel’s VLOOKUP Function.
Excel’s VLOOKUP function is like having a reference librarian in your spreadsheet. It takes an input value, looks for it in a reference table and, if it finds it, gives you related data from the table. For example, it can lookup a client’s name from the client’s account number. Added to Musings. November 19, 2016
December Class Schedule Posted.
Added December 2016 Class Schedule. November  9, 2016.
The Cocoanut Grove.
November 1942. World War II is raging overseas. As the month draws to a close, Americans are gathering for the first Thanksgiving of the war and a long weekend of family, friends and traditional holiday fare. In Boston the festivities end abruptly as fire tears through a crowded nightclub on Saturday night. Within minutes 492 people perish and the club’s name — Cocoanut Grove — is seared into the minds of a nation. Added to Musings. November 1, 2016
They Came to America.
Immigrants are much in the news these days, often portrayed in an unflattering light. It almost seems some Americans think the Statue of Liberty faces the wrong way. But most of our families hail from foreign shores, so obviously all new Americans don’t turn out bad. In fact our country’s position as world leader in information technology owes much to innovations made by a few recent arrivals. Added to Musings. September 23, 2016
October Class Schedule Posted.
Added October 2016 Class Schedule. September 8, 2016.
Beautiful Doesn’t Mean Stupid.
No one is surprised to learn that smart people can also be artists and athletes — Einstein was a violinist, Churchill a painter, Jefferson an architect and Alan Turing an Olympic-level marathoner. Movie stars and athletes, however, are often dismissed as incapable of anything requiring intellect. But as the saying goes: looks can be deceiving. Added to Musings. September 3, 2016
Getting It Right in Excel.
Excel is great for crunching numbers and analyzing data. It does exactly what you say and won’t complain if there is a lot of work. All is good so long as you correctly explain what you need. If you don’t, you get what you asked for not what you wanted. Here are some tools and techniques to help avoid and fix mistakes. Added to Musings. August 21, 2016
September Class Schedule Posted.
Added September 2016 Class Schedule. August 17, 2016.
How Did People Get By Before Computers?
Everyone seems to be staring at digital screens these days. A few appear so transfixed one would think they are receiving the word of God. Perhaps it’s time to look at the millennia of human achievement that predate computers. Added to Musings. July 28, 2016
August Class Schedule Posted.
Added August 2016 Class Schedule. July 17, 2016.
Who Said It?
There’s a bug in my computer, she has a spotless reputation, don’t budge an inch. We hear these expressions every day, but where do they come from? Here are the stories behind a few. Added to Musings. June 5, 2016.
How Massachusetts Became Shoemaker to the Country.
Why is Silicon Valley in California? Will Boston be the hub of life sciences? It’s not something in the water, but more like growth of a tree — many seeds are planted, some take root, a few give rise to towering forests. The growth of the Massachusetts shoe industry provides a telling example. Added to Musings. May 16, 2016.
June Class Schedule Posted.
Added June 2016 Class Schedule. May 13, 2016.
Dates with Excel.
Sorry to disappoint, but this is not about romantic evenings with a spreadsheet — it’s about calculations Excel can make with dates, such as computing a person’s age or the due date of an invoice. It’s easy once you know how it works. Added to Musings. April 27, 2016.
May Class Schedule Posted.
Added May 2016 Class Schedule. April 11, 2016.
Isaac Newton, CSI.
So what did Sir Isaac Newton do when he wasn’t inventing calculus, figuring out gravity, explaining the laws of motion or devising the color wheel? Well naturally he went on London pub crawls pursuing criminals. That’s right, Isaac Newton, the genius whose portrait hung above Einstein’s desk, was also one of seventeenth century England’s top crime fighters. Added to Musings. April 3, 2016.
More Excel Magic.
People often use Excel to manage files such as client lists with lots of text, yet many don’t realize they can use formulas to combine and edit these words to produce useful combinations. A few simple formulas and functions are all it takes. Added to Musings. March 24, 2016.
April Class Schedule Posted.
Added April 2016 Class Schedule. March 12, 2016.
Boston’s Swan Boats.
Boston loves tradition. In Spring we have Opening Day, the Marathon and arrival of the Swan Boats. Having been around nearly 140 years, the Swan Boats are the oldest of these. And remarkably the same family has operated them the entire time. Added to Musings. March 1, 2016.
March Class Schedule Posted.
Added March 2016 Class Schedule. February 8, 2016.
Excel Magic.
Many of us use Excel every day, but few know about secret codes that let us format numbers exactly the way we want. Actually they’re not secret, years ago they were they only way to format numbers. But like hieroglyphics, their existence and meaning have been lost through years of disuse. Added to Musings. February 7, 2016.
Penguin Camera.
Link to internet camera on Torgersen Island, Antarctica showing penguin colony added to World Views. January 30, 2016.
Where Is Abraham Lincoln When We Need Him?
It’s a presidential election year and, as the political discourse turns increasingly personal and puerile, many of us long for the days when statesmen stood for election and spoke to the issues. So let’s look to the pantheon of American leaders and see how the men on Mount Rushmore really behaved. Added to Musings. January 27, 2016.
Pyramid Web Camera.
Link to live internet video camera overlooking Great Pyramids added to World Views. January 16, 2016.
February Class Schedule Posted.
Added February 2016 Class Schedule. January 12, 2016.
List of Topics for Custom Excel Class.
Private classes, either at a client’s office or ours, can be customized to emphasize the topics of greatest interest to the students. Posted a list of possible topics for Excel. January 12, 2016.
Ben Franklin in Boston.
What does Ben Franklin have to do with Boston — everyone knows he was from Philadelphia? True, Franklin made his name in Philly, but he was born and raised in Boston. If you live or work downtown, you walk past his boyhood haunts every day. Added to Musings. January 11, 2016.
Why Does the New Year Begin on January 1?
Come January 1st fireworks will explode and champagne corks pop all around the world as we celebrate the arrival of a new year. But why that day — It has no special astronomical, religious or civic significance? As with much of our world the story is a curious blend of science and religion with a dash of human vanity thrown in for interest. Added to Musings. December 29, 2015.
Santa Lives in the Hearts of Children.
Generations of children have trusted in the reality of Santa Claus. And their faith has drawn sustenance from the efforts of a most unlikely pair: an eight-year-old girl and a middle-aged journalist. Together they created one of our most treasured holiday traditions and an enduring statement of eternal values. Added to Musings. December 17, 2015.
January Class Schedule Posted.
Added January 2016 Class Schedule. December 7, 2015.
Tails of Boston Common.
Today most tails on Boston Common belong to dogs romping in the off-leash areas or squirrels foraging for food. But for our ancestors the most important tails on the Common belonged to livestock, especially cows. In fact much of the early history of America’s oldest public park involves cows on the Common. Added to Musings. November 20, 2015.
December Class Schedule Posted.
Added December 2015 Class Schedule. November 10, 2015.
Who Is CharlieCard Charlie?
Bostonians know that “Charlie” is the man on the MBTA’s electronic fare cards. That’s why they’re called CharlieCards. Many also know that the name comes from a song about a rider who couldn’t get off the subway because he didn't have the exit fare. But did you know that some of the story is true, that it began as a campaign jingle and that it was embroiled in 1950s anti-communist witch hunts? Added to Musings. November 5, 2015.
Halloween Home Page.
Added lightning and spooky house to ComputerImages home page for Halloween. October 26, 2015.
Why Are Pumpkins Part of Halloween?
Shorter days and nippy nights herald the onset of autumn. For kids across America that means time to find the perfect pumpkin for this year’s Jack-O-Lantern. But who is Jack and what do carved pumpkins have to do with Halloween? Added to Musings. October 20, 2015.
November Class Schedule Posted.
Added November 2015 Class Schedule. October 13, 2015.
Who Discovered America?
Every year we celebrate Columbus Day — a long weekend, perhaps a few big sales. But few believe Columbus really got here first. So who did and why don’t we know for sure? Added to Musings. October 4, 2015.
Decoration for Valor - the Medal of Honor.
When does a general salute a private? Answer: When the private wears the Medal of Honor. For more than 150 years the Medal has been presented to members of the United States military for acts of exceptional valor. Added to Musings. September 22, 2015.
October Class Schedule Posted.
Added October 2015 Class Schedule. September 13, 2015.
Boston Innovation: the Law.
Boston has long been an engine of innovation. For nearly four centuries it has been home to people willing to challenge the norm and forge new paths. One area of leadership has been development of the law. Added to Musings. September 1, 2015.
Homeless Tonight: Boston’s Great Fire of 1872.
Mention San Francisco or Chicago’s great fires and there’s immediate recognition — they’re the largest urban fires in U.S. history. But few know that third place goes to Boston, where much of the commercial district was burnt to the ground in 1872. Added to Musings. August 17, 2015.
September Class Schedule Posted.
Added September 2015 Class Schedule. August 14, 2015.
It’s About Time.
Time marches forward. Our lives are run by it: Get up; Race to work; Meet dead­lines. People have always tracked time. But our perception and measurement of it have changed over the years. Added to Musings. July 24, 2015.
August Class Schedule Posted.
Added August 2015 Class Schedule. July 18, 2015.
Why We Shoot Fireworks on July 4th.
Fireworks on the Fourth. They’re as American as motherhood and apple pie. But where did they come from, how did the tradition start and why has it continued as times have changed? Added to Musings. June 28, 2015.
Venice Web Cameras.
Links to live internet video cameras in Venice added to World Views. June 27, 2015.
The Grand Tour — 21st Century Style.
Back in the day young aristocrats finished their education with a Grand Tour — several months or even years spent touring the Continent before settling down to life’s hard work of hunting foxes and lording over the manor. Incredibly internet-connected high definition video cameras now let us visit the same places without leaving home. Added to Musings. June 10, 2015.
July Class Schedule Posted.
Added July 2015 Class Schedule. June 8, 2015.
What Do Mother’s Day and Memorial Day Have in Common.
Both are in May, but otherwise it’s hard to imagine two days more different: flowers, candy and family dinners versus barbeques, parades and ball games. But the holidays share more than the calendar — both arose from revulsion to the horrors of the Civil War. Added to Musings. May 21, 2015.
June Class Schedule Posted.
Added June 2015 Class Schedule. May 6, 2015.
Improved Mobile Compatability.
Modified certain HTML and CSS coding to make the ComputerImages web site scale better when viewed on mobile devices. April 20, 2015.
Armchair Safari.
It used to be only the very rich with lots of time could go on safari. Today everyone can participate, at least remotely, through live internet video cameras. Here are some places you might want to visit. Added to Musings. April 17, 2015.
May Class Schedule Posted.
Added May 2015 Class Schedule. April 13, 2015.
Telephone Flirting — 1883 Style.
Contrary to popular impressions, Victorians weren’t all work, as is obvious from this story that went viral in 1883 of a young man’s attempt to flirt by telephone. Added to Musings. April 1, 2015.
Making Your Voice Heard.
We have all been frustrated by indifferent “customer service” representatives and endless telephone chains. So it’s nice to see how some have pierced corporate defenses to make their voices heard. Added to Musings. March 14, 2015.
April Class Schedule Posted.
Added April 2015 Class Schedule. March 12, 2015.
The Molasses Flood.
Truth can be stranger than fiction. Most would dismiss as ludicrous a movie about a wave of molasses that killed 21 people. Yet that is exactly what happened in Boston’s North End in January 1919. Added to Musings. February 23, 2015.
Someone Doesn't Mind the Snow.
Picture of statue dancing in the snow at the Boston Public Library added to the Photo Gallery. February 15, 2015.
How GPS Came to Be.
Where do good ideas come from? GPS evolved from two curious young physicists listening to Sputnik on a microwave radio after lunch. Added to Musings. February 12, 2015.
March Class Schedule Posted.
Added March 2015 Class Schedule. February 8, 2015.
Art and Technology.
Architects design structures; engineers complain they can’t be built. Apple products with solid technology sell like hotcakes because their design is exceptional. Art and technology have always been a team of rivals. Like a constantly feuding couple, neither can live with nor without the other. Added to Musings. January 29, 2015.
Why Is Everyone Getting Hacked?
Turn on the news and you hear about hacking: Sony Pictures, Home Depot, Target and the U.S. Central Command. Why so much, and can we protect ourselves? Added to Musings. January 17, 2015.
February Class Schedule Posted.
Added February 2015 Class Schedule. January 9, 2015.
When Bah, Humbug Was the Law.
"Bah! Humbug!" Thus Scrooge greeted his nephew one Christmas Eve and with two words became one of literature’s most enduring characters and gained immortality as the original Grinch. Added to Musings. December 20, 2014.
Computing in the Time of Caesar.
Usually we think of computers as shiny new devices. Recent discoveries, however, reveal that ancient Greeks may have had extremely sophisticated mechanical computers more than 2000 years ago. Added to Musings. December 14, 2014.
January Class Schedule Posted.
Added January 2015 Class Schedule. December 13, 2014.
How Thanksgiving Went from Local Feast to National Holiday.
Thanksgiving is many people’s favorite holiday — lots of food; friends and family; no pressure about gifts; everyone can celebrate. We learned about the first Thanksgiving in school, but how did it become a national holiday? Added to Musings. November 24, 2014.
December Class Schedule Posted.
Added December 2014 Class Schedule. November 16, 2014.
How Clothing Innovation Helped Educate Thousands of Women: John Simmons and the Founding of Simmons College.
Walk into a store, try on a suit, wear it the next day — we take ready-to-wear clothes for granted. This seemingly simple idea made a fortune for its developer, John Simmons, and helped to educate thousands of women. Added to Musings. November 14, 2014.
Women Computing Pioneers.
Only 17% of Google’s technical employees are women as compared to 48% of its non-technical workforce. But in the early days of computing women played key roles, especially in programming. Here is an introduction to a few of those pioneers. Added to Musings. October 27, 2014.
Heavyweight Computing.
You can hold a computer in the palm of your hand or wear one with your glasses, but once upon a time you couldn't even lift one — forget desktop versus laptop, think room-size. Added to Musings. October 27, 2014.
November Class Schedule Posted.
Added November 2014 Class Schedule. October 13, 2014.
Where Autumn Colors Come From.
Days grow shorter, nights get cooler and our New England trees put on glorious cloaks of yellow, orange and scarlet. Why? And where do those colors come from? Added to Musings. October 10, 2014.
Where the Real Tea Party Started.
Mention Tea Party today and most people think of politics or a genteel afternoon social, but in 1773 Tea Party meant men throwing tea into the harbor. While the actual dumping took place on the waterfront, the party began right around the corner from our office at the Old South Meeting House. Added to Neighborhood Tour. September 25, 2014.
October Class Schedule Posted.
Added October 2014 Class Schedule. September 14, 2014.
Organizing All the World’s Information — Mundaneum.
Organizing the world’s information has been a goal of humanity since the dawn of civilization. Ancient Egyptians created the library at Alexandria. And a similarly ambitious, but largely forgotten project was undertaken in Belgium over 100 years ago — the Mundaneume. Added to Musings. September 12, 2014.
Why Colors Sometimes Clash.
We choose color every day. Some combinations work, others don’t. Why? And how can we find the ones we like?. Added to Musings. August 27, 2014.
September Class Schedule Posted.
Added September 2014 Class Schedule. August 14, 2014.
What Does Google Mean and How Did It Become a Company Name?
Everyone knows Google, the word is even in some dictionaries. But what does it mean and how did it become the search engine company’s name? Added to Musings. July 31, 2014.
Pioneers of Computing: Alan Turing.
Winston Churchill said the Allies won World War II thanks to his project, the "Nobel" prize of computer science is named for him, as is the test for machine intelligence, yet few outside the scientific community know his name. He is Alan Turing. Story added to Musings. July 24, 2014.
August Class Schedule Posted.
Added August 2104 Class Schedule. July 14, 2014.
Computing in the Cloud.
These days talk of computers often turns to "cloud computing." Sounds like a laptop or iPad on a plane, but It’s not. So what is it and is it right for you? Story added to Musings. July 9, 2014.
Why Do We Celebrate Independence on July 4?
Independence was declared on July 2 and the Declaration of Independence signed in August. Why do we celebrate our independence on July 4th? Story added to Musings. June 26, 2014.
July Class Schedule Posted.
Added July 2104 Class Schedule. June 10, 2014.
What Is GIS?
Often confused with GPS, a GIS (geographic information system) relates data to location so that it can be plotted on a map and used in calculations. Story added to Musings. June 10, 2014.
How Does GPS Know Where You Are?
The Global Positioning System consists of satellites that communicate directly with your GPS receiver. The satellites tell your receiver where they are; your receiver uses that information to compute where you are. Story added to Musings. June 1, 2014.
Updated Places to Go Page.
Updated list of free places to go in Boston. May 18, 2014.
June Class Schedule Posted.
Added June 2104 Class Schedule. May 15, 2014.
Armchair Birdwatching Redux.
The internet lets us watch animals at home, and birds’ nests seem to be a favorite. This years crop includes a baby albatross in Hawaii, bald eagles in British Columbia and a stork family in Germany. Oh, and a baby panda in Washington. Story added to Musings. May 2, 2014.
Old Corner Bookstore.
Built in 1712 and one of Boston’s oldest brick buildings, the Old Corner Bookstore was at the heart of 19th century America’s literary world. Story added to Neighborhood Tour. April 18, 2014.
May Class Schedule Posted.
Added May 2104 Class Schedule. April 17, 2014.
On-Line Tracking: Who Is Watching You?
Ever make a Google search and then see ads about the same subject, even on seemingly unrelated sites? Welcome to web tracking. Article added to Musings. April 5, 2014.
Cornell Hawks Return.
Hawk family has returned to nest; mom now sitting on eggs. Added link to World Views. April 5, 2014.
Google Specialized Sites.
In addition to standard search, Google has several specialized sites, including the Google Cultural Institute. Article added to Musings. April 4, 2014.
Find It Fast with Google.
For best Google search results, be specific, refine initial results, use advanced tools and sometimes turn off profiling. Article added to Musings. April 4, 2014.
April Class Schedule Posted.
Added April 2104 Class Schedule. March 18, 2014.
Western Wall Web Camera.
The Western Wall of the temple in Jerusalem was built by King Herod and destroyed by the Romans. There are three live streaming web cameras showing different views. Added link to World Views. March 16, 2014.
Eagles’ Nest Web Camera.
Berry College, Georgia, has a live streaming web camera next to an eagles’ nest. Added link to World Views. March 8, 2014.
How Many Pixels Are Enough?
We hear a lot about pixels. But what are they? How many are enough? When do we have too many? The answer depends on whether the image will be printed or displayed on screen, and more isn’t always better. Article added to Musings. February 13, 2014.
March Class Schedule Posted.
Added March 2104 Class Schedule. February 13, 2014.
Albatros Nest Web Camera.
The Cornell Ornithology Lab has an HD web camera streaming live video from an Albatros’ nest in Kauai, Hawaii with a newly hatched chick. Added link to World Views. February 8, 2014.
Redesigned Musings Page.
Created article summaries on main Musings page and separate page for each article. February 3, 2014.
An Invention that Shrank the World.
Electric telegraphy ushered in the age of instant communications, enabling the development of fire alarms, standard time, the stock ticker, and other technologies central to modern industry and commerce. Article added to Musings. January 31, 2014.
Speed Up Firefox: Use Flash Only Where You Want It.
Flash is often used to stream videos you want and ads you could do without. Firefox now lets you activate Flash selectively. Article added to Musings. January 23, 2014.
Why Is Red, Red?
Explains how we see color and how color is made in computer monitors and printers. Article added to Musings. January 19, 2014.
February Class Schedule Posted
Added February 2104 Class Schedule. January 17, 2014.
Pre-Christmas Snow in Copley Square
Photo added to Photo Gallery. December 21, 2013.
NORAD Santa Tracker and Yes, Virginia
NORAD began tracking Santa in 1955 as a result of a child dialing a wrong number trying to reach Santa. Story added to Musings. December 20, 2013.
January Class Schedule Posted
Added January 2104 Class Schedule. December 10, 2013.
Original Ponzi Scheme
The original Ponzi scheme unfolded outside our office’s windows in 1920. Account and pictures added to Neighborhood Tour. December 1, 2013.
On-Line Safety Tips
Why you shouldn't send confidential information by e-mail and other pointers for on-line safety. Added to Musings. November 23, 2013.
December Class Schedule Posted
Added December 2013 Class Schedule. November 15, 2013.
Making Your Point with PowerPoint
The secret to success with PowerPoint is not the software, but focusing on the audience. Article gives a few tips to help stay on track. Added to Tips. November 10, 2013.
Making Microsoft Word Do What You Want
Article on Word’s AutoCorrect and Editing options added to Tips section. November 1, 2013.
Getting Started with WordPress
Added overview of WordPress to Tips section. October 31, 2013.
November Class Schedule Posted
Added November 2013 Class Schedule. October 17, 2013.
Antarctic Web Cam Added
Added link on World Views page to live video camera at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, which is 850 miles from the South Pole. September 21, 2013.
October Class Schedule Posted
Added October 2013 Class Schedule. September 15, 2013.
Local Clocks, Map Links and Latitude and Longitude Added
Updated World Views page to include local clock for all cameras other than Eastern Time, added link to each location on Google Maps and added latitude and longitude for each location. July 30, 2013.
Around the World in 80 Seconds
It took Phileas Fogg 80 days to travel around the world in Jules Verne’s novel – we can do it in 80 seconds with a few clicks to video cameras on the Internet and while on the journey learn a lot about the world. Added to Musings. July 30, 2013.
Balestrand, Norway, South African National Park and U.S. Capitol Web Cams Added
Added links on World Views page to live streaming video cameras in Balestrand, Norway; Addo Elephant National Park (South Africa) and U.S. Capitol building. July 22, 2013.
Amman, São Paolo, Sydney and Tokyo Web Cams Added
Added links on World Views page to live streaming video cameras in Amman, Jordan; São Paolo, Brazil; Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. July 21, 2013.
Rio de Janeiro Web Cam Added
Added link on World Views page to live streaming web-cam showing South Atlantic coast, Rio de Janeiro and Sugarloaf Mountain. July 19, 2013.
August Class Schedule Posted
Added August 2013 Class Schedule. July 15, 2013.
Boston Harborfest and Family Film Festival
Added links on Fun Places Near Boston page to Boston Harborfest and WMJX Family Film Festival. June 30, 2013.
Statue of Liberty Web Cam Added
Added link on World Views page to live streaming web-cam showing Statue of Liberty. June 25, 2013.
July Class Schedule Posted
Added July 2013 Class Schedule. June 14, 2013.
Apple I Computer Sells for $671,400.
Apple I computer bought for $666.66 new in 1976 sold at auction in May for $671K. Added to Musings. June 11, 2013.
Armchair Bird Watching
Article about live web-cams showing nesting birds added to Musings. May 17, 2013.
ISS and Old Faithful Geyser Added
Added links on World Views page to web-cams on International Space Station and Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park. May 13, 2013.
June Class Schedule Posted
Added June 2013 Class Schedule. May 9, 2013.
Harvard and Cornell Hawk-Cams Added
Added links on World Views page to web-cam showing Red-Tail hawks’ nest at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and Cornell. May 8, 2013.
Description of HTML E-Mail Class Posted
Added description of new class on HTML E-mail. May 2, 2013.
Ada, Lady Lovelace
Brief biography of Ada, Lady Lovelace, typically regarded as having written the first program code, added to Musings. May 2, 2013.
May Class Schedule Posted
Added May 2013 Class Schedule. April 15, 2013.
Site Map Added
New Site Map posted. April 1, 2013.
Thumbnails Added to Photo Gallery
Page of thumbnail pictures added to Photo Gallery. March 17, 2013.
April Class Schedule Posted
Added April 2013 Class Schedule. March 14, 2013.
March Class Schedule Posted
Added March 2013 Class Schedule. February 13, 2013.
February Class Schedule Posted
Added February 2013 Class Schedule. January 10, 2013.
Updated Support Pages
Verified and updated information on support pages for Access, Excel, FrameMaker, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Visio and Microsoft Word. January 8, 2013.
Avoid Accidentally Basing One InDesign Style on Another
InDesign styles can be linked using the "Based On" setting. This can create havoc if InDesign incorrectly assumes you want such a relationship and turns the feature on itself. To avoid this, always check that "Based On" is set to "No Style" unless you intend otherwise. Added to InDesign Tips. January 7, 2013.
First Computer Bug "Caught" at Harvard
Popular use of the term "bug" to refer to a computer glitch began in 1947 when a moth was found to have disrupted a computer at Harvard. Added to Musings. January 2, 2013.
Tips for Creating Excel Charts
Guidelines for setting up data in Excel when you want to create a chart. Added to Excel Tips. December 27, 2012.
January Class Schedule Posted
Added January 2013 Class Schedule. December 6, 2012.
Let InDesign Make Calculations for You
To have InDesign numerically calculate setting changes: To the right of the setting enter + - * or / and the amount, and press the "Tab" key. Added to InDesign Tips. December 4, 2012.
Computer Helps Break Ancient Code, Revealing Secret Society
Application of code-breaking techniques to language translation helped researchers decipher a 200 year-old coded text. Added to Musings pages. December 2, 2012.
December Class Schedule Posted
Added December 2012 Class Schedule. November 7, 2012.
Added Excel Pivot Table Class
Added description of Excel Pivot Table class. October 3, 2012.
September Class Schedule Posted
Added September 2012 Class Schedule. August 15, 2012.
Update InDesign and Photoshop Support Pages
Verified and updated links on our InDesign and Photoshop support pages. August 2, 2012.
August Class Schedule Posted
Added August 2012 Class Schedule. July 14, 2012.
Update FileMaker Support Page
Verified and updated links on our FileMaker support page. July 12, 2012.
Photos Added to Facebook Site
Added album of Independence Day photos to our Facebook site. July 5, 2012.
Updated Consulting Page
Revised description of Consulting services. June 18, 2012.
July Class Schedule Posted
Added July 2012 Class Schedule. June 14, 2012.
Use CSS to Indent Paragraphs
The CSS property "text-indent" lets you indent the first line of a text block separately from the rest to format paragraph breaks and hanging indents. Added to CSS Tips. June 6, 2012.

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