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ComputerImages offers a full range of software training and consulting services designed to help you use computers efficiently and effectively.

Public Classes. Every month we offer public classes on most of the popular business and graphics software as well as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML coding. All of our classes are developed in-house and are given by a live instructor in the classroom with you, not on-line. Class size is limited to eight to ensure personal attention and an opportunity for students to ask questions. Details.

Private Classes. Any of our classes can also be scheduled for small private groups, either at your office or ours. For private classes, we are glad to modify the curriculum to emphasize topics of greatest interest to the people in your group. Details.

Individual Instruction. If you want to learn something that is not covered in one of our standard classes, or just prefer to work one-on-one, we can arrange private individual sessions. As with private classes, we can adapt the curriculum to meet your specific needs. Details.

Project Consulting. We also can provide project-specific guidance on a consulting basis. Typically we work with you, for example to design a database or Excel project, although we can implement parts of the project if you prefer. For further information, please call (617) 720-6161 or write to Details.

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