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Private Classes

Due to social distancing, all training currently is given as live, on-line video conferences (details).

We will be glad to schedule private training for your group, either at your office or ours. Classes given at your facility use the same instructors, exercises and teaching techniques as those given at ours. We also offer one-on-one sessions.

Advantages. Private classes offer several advantages:
Sessions are scheduled for your convenience, including evenings and weekends;
The cost per-student is lower.
Students can exchange ideas with coworkers during and after class; and
The curriculum can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of your group. For example, we have a list of possible Excel topics for a custom class.

Scheduling. To help us find a mutually convenient date, please give us a period of two or three weeks within which you would like to schedule the class, and any specific times within that period when you are not free. We can then get back to you with dates within that time when we are available. Please give us at least three weeks lead time if the class involves overnight travel.

Our Office. $840 per day for four students; $1050 for six.
Your Site. $800 per day for up to eight students. This covers instruction plus course materials. For classes more than 15 miles from downtown Boston, there is a charge for travel time and expenses.

Your Place or Ours? Clients sometimes ask whether it is better to have a private class at their office or ours. We have found advantages to each —

Advantages of Our Office.

Advantages of Your Site.

Please call or write if you want to discuss which location is better for you.

For further information, please call or write —

Phone: (617) 720-6161

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