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ComputerImages is a Boston-based computer training and consulting firm that provides instructor-led workshops on most of the widely-used Windows and Macintosh application software. All of our courses feature small class size, hands-on exercises, and an emphasis on student participation.

Helping people use technology is our only business, not a sideline, and we have been doing it for over thirty years. We strive to provide old-fashioned personal attention and customer service in addition to professional excellence in the quality of our work.

Our clients include institutions engaged in almost every area of business, education and the professions, giving us exposure to the many ways in which people work with computers. Over the years we have worked with people from such diverse organizations as Bank of America, Harvard University and the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Boston, easily accessible by subway, commuter rail and automobile.

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Phone: (617) 720-6161

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