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Organizing Data for Analysis.
You’ve gathered your data and put it all in the computer. You open your database or spreadsheet anxious to see what secrets it reveals. Then frustration — no matter what you do you can’t produce the analysis you had expected. Why, everything that’s needed seems to be there? Read More.

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Building Relationships.
Our world is built on relationships. The same is true with data we collect and generate. Sometimes we want to connect clients with projects, other times with invoices and payments. Having a system with the flexibility to do both is critical, otherwise we are plagued by needless duplication and the errors that inevitably brings. That is why relational databases are so useful. Read More.

Want More Help?

We offer public and private classes and Excel consulting.

Public classes.
Access, FileMaker and SQL classes are offered every month. Dates are on the current Class Schedule. The following links take you to detailed descriptions of the topics covered in each: Access, Advanced Access, FileMaker, Advanced FileMaker and SQL.

Private Classes.
Classes for private groups can be given at your office or ours with a custom curriculum that emphasizes the topics of greatest interest to the group.

We can also provide consulting services for people who need advice or hands-on assistance with specific projects.

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