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Advanced MS Word Course

What You Will Learn

This in-person, hands-on workshop shows Microsoft Word users how to use the program more efficiently and automate repetitive processes. Class discussion and exercises cover —

  • What style sheets are and how they can be used to automate document production and assure consistency both within a document and among related documents,
  • How to define and modify a style sheet and apply it within a document,
  • How you can override certain attributes of the format of text to which a style has been applied,
  • The difference between character and paragraph level formats and style sheets,
  • What a Microsoft Word template contains and the relationship between a template and documents based upon it,
  • How to create and modify templates, where templates are stored,
  • Using Autotext to create a library of standard text that can be inserted into documents,
  • Using Autocorrect both to fix typographic errors during typing and create custom keystroke shortcuts for frequently used phrases,
  • Using FILLIN fields to create a document that will prompt the user to insert text into dialogue boxes,
  • How to record and modify simple macros to automate repetitive operations,
  • Creating new and customizing existing toolbars,
  • Setting up and performing a mail merge, including defining the main and data documents, inserting the merge fields, and controlling whether the merge will create a new document or be sent directly to the printer.

6 hours, $260 (available for Windows and Macintosh)
Purchase with Microsoft Word class for discounted package price of $430.

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Training Format

  • Live trainer in room — not on-line or remote learning,
  • Exercise-based, hands-on instruction,
  • Emphasis on questions and student participation,
  • Small size (limited to 8), personal attention.

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A working knowledge of fundamental Microsoft Word operations, including setting margins and page orientation, entering and editing text, specifying typeface, point size and line spacing, indenting paragraphs, adding bullets, setting tabs, adding text and page numbers to headers and footers, adding borders and creating basic tables.

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