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An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin gave that advice nearly 250 years ago. It’s just true today, however. Just look at the gains from training that makes you more productive with the software you use every day:

Time Savings. If you learn something that saves just 10 minutes per work day, it adds up to a full week within a year. Here are the numbers:

  1. 10 min. a day for 5 days = 50 min. a week
  2. 50 min. a week for 48 weeks = 2400 min.
  3. 2400 min. = 40 hours or 1 work week

That’s a 567% return for a 6-hour class.

Financial Return. If training lets you produce an extra week’s work each year, its economic value is the amount of a week's pay. For someone making $800 a week, the return on a $260 class is over 300%.

The payback time for that person is 15.6 weeks.

Time is money, so don’t delay. Check our current schedule then register on-line or by calling (617) 720-6161.

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“Scientia Est Potentia”
Knowledge is Power

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