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Training is an investment with a quick pay-back period and continuing long-term returns.

Time Savings. If what you learn saves just 10 minutes per work day, that adds up to a full week per year. Here are the numbers:

  1. 10 min. a day for 5 days = 50 min. a week
  2. 50 min. a week for 48 weeks = 2400 min.
  3. 2400 min. = 40 hours or 1 work week

That’s a 567% return for a 6 hour class.

Monetary Payback. A one-day class costs $260. If it increases efficiency by a full week each year, the payback time for someone earning $800 a week is 24 weeks.

That’s an annualized return of 208%.

Time is money, so don’t wait. Check our current schedule then register on-line or by calling (617) 720-6161.

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“Scientia Est Potentia”
Knowledge is Power

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