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Animation showing how to modify a Microsoft Word style.

Writing with Styles.
No, the title is not a typo — if you’re looking for tips on literary style, you’re in the wrong place — if you want to learn how to use Microsoft Word’s Styles feature to make the process of writing your literary masterpiece more efficient, read on. Styles are one of the most useful, yet regrettably under-utilized features of Microsoft Word. They let us create libraries of format combinations we want to use again and again. Once created, the style’s button applies all those attributes to selected text with a single click. Read More.

Microsoft Word edit options dialogue box.

Making Microsoft Word Do What You WanT.
Someone typing a recipe in Microsoft Word entered “2 Cups Sugar, 3 Eggs.” On its own Word put a “4” at the beginning of the next line. But the quantity for the next ingredient was not 4. The writer couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the 4, gave up and hand wrote the recipe. True story.

The problem was that Word sometimes automatically does what it assumes you want. Very frustrating if its assumptions are wrong and you don’t know how to tell it to stop.

To take control and make Word do what you want, look at the settings in AutoCorrect and Editing options. Read More.

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