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XML Class

What You Will Learn

This course is intended for web site designers who want to incorporate XML content into their sites. Class discussion and exercises cover —

  • What XML is and how it is used to describe the content rather than the appearance of data,
  • The relationship among XML and SGML, HTML and XHTML,
  • XML syntax and formatting requirements,
  • How to convert an HTML page into an XHTML page,
  • How to analyze your data and decide on an appropriate structure for XML data,
  • The creation of an XML page from scratch with a text editor, and how it is displayed in a web browser,
  • The use of Cascading Style Sheets to control the manner in which the XML page is displayed in a web browser,
  • How to design and create a DTD for XML data, and use it to validate the data,
  • The use of XSL stylesheets and templates to generate web pages from XML data, and
  • The processing of XML data by javascript, and
  • How XML data can be created by and exported from publishing programs like FrameMaker, InDesign and QuarkXPress.

6 hours, $260 (available for Windows and Macintosh)

Training Format

  • Live trainer in room — not on-line or remote learning,
  • Exercise-based, hands-on classroom instruction,
  • Emphasis on questions and student participation,
  • Small size (limited to 8), personal attention.

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A working knowledge HTML mark-up and the basics of web site creation.

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