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Using PowerPoint with Zoom

What You Will Learn

This session looks at PowerPoint features you can use to enhance live, on-screen presentations and deliver them confidently. Discussion and hands-on exercises will teach you —

  • The difference between PowerPoint transitions and animation and how you can use each to enhance your presentation and focus attention on your message;
  • How to animate charts created in PowerPoint and Excel;
  • How to control the timing of transitions and animations and make them occur automatically or when prompted by the presenter;
  • Use of PowerPoint’s built in laser pointer, magnifying glass and annotation features while giving a presentation;
  • Use of PowerPoint’s “Presenter View” while giving a presentation;
  • Zoom settings needed to share PowerPoint audio and video;
  • Why you may want to save your PowerPoint slides as a packaged slide show; and
  • How to set up your computer to facilitate navigation between PowerPoint and Zoom while you are presenting.

2 hours, $75 (available for Windows and Macintosh).

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Training Format

  • Live class with in-class instructor and interactive student participation,
  • Exercise-based, hands-on instruction,
  • Emphasis on questions and student participation,
  • Small size (limited to 8), personal attention.

Why You Should Take This Class

As activities become increasingly “virtual,” information typically shared in person is now being presented through video-conferencing. Great if everything works smoothly, but awkward if the mechanics of PowerPoint distract from your message.

This class will teach you use PowerPoint features such as transitions and animation to focus your audience on your message, and show you the proper way to use PowerPoint with Zoom so you can deliver your presentation seamlessly and with confidence.

Class Location

  • All training currently is given live, on-line via Zoom (details).
  • This class currently is given on-line as a live, video conference.
  • Private training available for your group.

Dates and Registration


Students should have a working knowledge of PowerPoint and Zoom.

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We offer Mastering PowerPoint for those with no prior PowerPoint experience. It covers the set up and formatting of slides, design of master slides, charts and templates.

You can also arrange for consulting, private classes and one-on-one training.

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