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Mastering CSS Class

What You Will Learn

This class is designed to teach web developers to use CSS to provide format and structure to web pages. Class discussion and exercises cover —

  • An overview of CSS, what it is and what can and cannot do,
  • The difference between using styles to redefine HTML tags and creating custom classes, advantages and disadvantages of each approach,
  • How to create an external CSS document and link web pages to it, how to define styles in-line within a web page, when to use each approach,
  • CSS Syntax,
  • How you create a proper style definition,
  • How to apply a style to elements on a page,
  • Using CSS to format text, including fonts and color, text size and line height, style and alignment,
  • Using styles to format lists and links,
  • How styles inherit attributes when they are nested, what determines precedence,
  • Using styles to define boxes and specify size, position and visual attributes of boxes, and
  • Potential compatibility and consistencey issues presented by the use of CSS.

6 hours, $260 (available for Windows or Macintosh).

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Training Format

  • Live class with trainer in class and interactive student participation,
  • Exercise-based, hands-on instruction,
  • Emphasis on questions and student participation,
  • Small size (limited to 8), personal attention.

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Knowledge of HTML and how to create web pages.

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