Web Authoring

Originally published by the Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media in 1997, the guide includes an overview of the world-wide web, basic design concepts as applied to web pages, examples of HTML coding for specific page structures, and discussion of optimizing performance. Link.
Site bills itself as the worlds largest web developer site. Features easy to understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript references with examples that often can be modified and tested by users on-line. Link.
Stack Overflow.
Good resource for technical questions about using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web tools. Format is posted questions and answers. Google is usually the easiest way to find relevant content — if Stack Overflow has a thread on your topic, it typically appears near the top of the search results is usually better if you want to find out what something means; Stack Overflow if you are troubleshooting or want nuanced discussion on what might seem an exotic topic. Link.
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