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ComputerImages emphatically supports internet privacy and urges all internet users to become familiar with the various practices of web site developers that adversely affect their privacy. Numerous groups provide useful information about on-line privacy, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s detailed Privacy Top 12.

The ComputerImages web site contains no cookies or other devices that specially monitor your activites while visiting our site. Like every other web server, ours records certain information about every page request, including, the IP address of the requesting party, the date and time of the request, the items requested, and the referring page, if any. We periodically review this information to learn which pages people are visiting and how they found our site.

Information submitted through the forms on our site is maintained at our office on computers that are not accessible to the internet. It is used only for fulfilling visitor requests for information and enrolling students in our classes. We do not sell, rent or swap information obtained from our web site or otherwise.

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