Tech Support


Quark Tech-Notes.
Quark’s Tech-Notes page provides general information as well as links to specific tech-notes on QuarkXpress for both Windows and Macintosh.
Quark Self-Help/FAQ Page.
Quark’s FAQ page provides answers to frequently asked questions about QuarkXpress for both Windows and Macintosh.
Quark KnowledgeBase Search Engine.
Quark’s KnowledgeBase Search Engine provides technical information on a wide variety of issues through keyword searches.
The XPresso Bar.
An unofficial QuarkXPress web site maintained by Bob Gale, containing up-to-the-minute news on QuarkXPress, tips, and many links to other internet resources relating to QuarkXPress.
Quark Extensions and Updaters.
This site, sponsored by Telelink Corporation, has useful FTP files to download on FAQs, utilities, extensions, updaters, and demos.
Global Prepress Center.
Extensive collection of links to web and ftp sites, and mailing lists containing prepress information, as well as web sites of makers of prepress computer hardware and software.
Peachpit Press QuarkXPress Message Board.
Public bulletin board where you can post questions and search for answers.
Get Info, March 1995.
Special QuarkXPress issue of this monthly on-line publication contains many tips and details on creating thumbnails.


You may also find information on literature about QuarkXPress on our Publications Page.

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