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In a tight economy, we can’t afford to waste either time or money, so it’s good to know that an investment in training quickly pays for itself and continues to generate tangible returns for years to come.

Payback in Time. If what you learn in class saves just 10 minutes per work day, that translates into a full working week per year. The math is simple:

  1. 10 min. a day for 5 days = 50 min.
  2. 50 min. a week for 48 weeks = 2400 min.
  3. 2400 min. = 40 hours or 1 work week

For a 6 hour class, that is a 567% return in one year.

Payback in Money. A one-day class costs $260. If it increases efficiency by a full week per year, the payback time for someone earning $800 per week is 24 weeks.

That is a 208% return in one year.

Time is money, so don’t wait. Check our current schedule for the latest offerings. When you are ready to register, you can do so on-line, or by calling (617) 720-6161. We look forward to hearing from you.

"Scientia Est Potentia"
Knowledge is Power

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