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Charles River Web Cam Link Added
Added Internet Views link to camera at Sheraton Boston hotel with view of Charles River and Cambridge. Sheraton also has cameras showing Fenway Park and Boston Harbor. November 22, 2011.
SQL Class Coming Early 2012
Watch for a class on SQL early next year. November 20, 2011.
WordPress Class Description Updated
Updated description of WordPress class. November 20, 2011.
Adobe Halts Development of Mobile Flash Player
In a blog posting, Adobe announced that it would not develop versions of Flash Player for new mobile devices, but would focus its efforts on HTML 5. Added to Musings. November 14, 2011.
FileMaker Support Page Updated
Checked and updated links on FileMaker support page. November 14, 2011.
December Class Schedule Posted
Posted December Class Schedule. November 11, 2011.
New Musings
About Adobe’s decision to restructure its business and lay off 750 employees, and the London Science Museum’s project to build Babbage’s Analytical Engine 180 years after it was designed. Added to Musings page. November 10, 2011.
Excel Tip Added
Using the text operator "&" to combine several text stings into one is often easier than using the CONCATENATE function to do the same, on Excel Tips page. November 9, 2011.
November Class Schedule Updated
Posted latest changes to November Class Schedule. November 7, 2011.
New Class Survey Added
Don’t see a class you would like to take. Let us know on our New Class Survey. November 2, 2011.
Adobe Support Pages Updates
Checked and updated links on Acrobat, FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop support pages. October 31, 2011.
Microsoft Project Tip Added
How to decide whether to use manual or automatic task scheduling in Microsoft Project 2010 and how the choice compares with prior versions of Project, on MS Project Tips page. October 31, 2011.
Microsoft Support Pages Updates
Checked and updated links on Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word support pages. October 31, 2011.

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