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Here are some of the latest changes to our web site and company.

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Updated Services Page
Updated descriptions on Services page. May 31, 2012.
Updated Parking, Added Link to Discount Coupon
Updated information for garage at 1 Center Plaza. Added link to garage’s web site with discount coupon and early-bird special. Parking. May 29, 2012.
June Class Schedule Posted
Added June 2012 Class Schedule. May 15, 2012.
Updated Office Photos and Contact Page
Added new photos of our office and updated contact page. May 14, 2012.
ComputerImages Is Now on Facebook
Visit our new page on Facebook. May 6, 2012.
Add Outlook Address Book to Word 2007
To add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar, click Office button and open Word Options; choose "Customize" at left; from "Commands Not in the Ribbon" choose "Address Book" and click "Add." Added to Microsoft Word Tips page. May 4, 2012.
Always Include DOCTYPE in HTML Pages
Always specify a DOCTYPE for your HTML pages to make sure they are rendered correctly. Added to HTML Tips page. April 22, 2012.
May Class Schedule Posted
Added May 2012 Class Schedule. April 11, 2012.
April Class Schedule Posted
Added April 2012 Class Schedule. March 13, 2012.
First Fire Alarm System
Story of World’s First Fire Alarm System at 21 Court Square added to In Our Neighborhood section. March 11, 2012.
Trials of Sims and Burns Added to Neighborhood History Tour
Added 1851 and 1854 Trials of Thomas Sims and Anthony Burns to In Our Neighborhood section. March 4, 2012.
March Class Schedule Posted
Added March 2012 Class Schedule. February 12, 2012.
February Class Schedule Posted
Added February 2012 Class Schedule. January 13, 2012.
Create Macintosh Screen Capture
To capture the current screen to a file, press Command+Shift+3. Added to Macintosh Tips page. January 8, 2012.
Neighborhood History Tour Added
Added section about interesting and infamous events that have occurred within a few blocks of our office, including the Boston Massacre, invention of the telephone and original Ponzi scheme. Created In Our Neighborhood pages. January 7, 2012.
<SPAN> can be applied to individual words within a line; <DIV> cannot since it creates its own paragraph. Added to CSS Tips page. January 3, 2012.
Updated Dining Page
Verified and updated list of neighborhood restaurants on our dining page. December 30, 2011.
Traditional Dialogue Boxes in Excel 2007 and 2010
Access traditional dialogue boxes in Excel 2007 and 2010 by right-clicking on item you want to work with. Added to Excel Tips page. December 29, 2011.
CSS <Class> or <ID>
Tip about when to use <Class> and <ID> selectors added to CSS Tips page. December 20, 2011.
Added Picture Gallery
Added gallery of photos to Places to Go section. December 11, 2011.
January 2012 Class Schedule Posted
Added January 2012 Class Schedule. December 9, 2011.
Added Twitter Widget to Home Page
Added live feed to ComputerImages’ Twitter feed to home page. December 6, 2011.
Added Two Excel Support Links
Added links to Contextures Blog and Excel Pivot Tables sites to Excel Support. December 5, 2011.
Your Smartphone May Be Spying on You
Security researcher reports Carrier IQ’s software monitors phone users’ location, keystrokes and web usage. Senator Al Franken has given company until December 14th to explain. Added to Musings. December 4, 2011.
Warning About iTunes Gift Card Scam
Numerous sources report criminals sending e-mails with attachments that claim to be iTunes gift certificates, but in fact install harmful software. Added to Musings. November 27, 2011.

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