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Introduction to Macintosh Class

Due to social distancing, all classes are presently given as live, on-line video conferences (details).
Each class consists of 2 half-day sessions.

What You Will Learn

This class is designed for computer novices who want to learn to use a Macintosh computer. The course covers —

  • The essential components of a computer and how the user works with them,
  • Interface conventions common to all Macintosh application programs,
  • Moving and resizing windows,
  • Creating and naming folders,
  • Moving files from one folder to another,
  • Copying files from one disk to another,
  • How to tell the computer where to save a file,
  • Navigating around a file heirarchy from within a program,
  • Deleting files.

2 hours, $90 (available for Macintosh only).

Training Format

  • Live trainer in room — not on-line or remote learning,
  • Exercise-based, hands-on classroom instruction,
  • Emphasis on questions and student participation,
  • Small size (limited to 8), personal attention.

Class Location

Dates and Registration



Class Location

Dates and Registration

Mailing List and Further Information

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